Our values

It takes focus, dedication and living our values to achieve success for our customers.  We all play a crucial role in driving our company forward. 

* Maintain a constant focus on quality and speed
* Create unique, value-added and differentiated solutions
* Execute robust, repeatable processes that consistently meet or exceed customer expectations
* Promote positive problem resolution
* Earn our customers’ business



* Exhibit high integrity and respect for others
* Seek fact-based, root-cause solutions, not blame
* Be non-political and non-bureaucratic
* Demonstrate a high sense of urgency
* Have a strong level of accountability
* Strive for a safe work environment
* Take satisfaction in being a valued member of a winning team


* Step out of comfort zone by setting stretch/breakthrough objectives
* Demonstrate mastery of CBS tools to help build process capability
* Experiment and learn every day
* Eliminate waste proactively and continuously in every aspect of our business processes
* Benchmark the best, and then better them


* Generate breakthrough ideas for technology, products, solutions and processes
* Provide differentiated customer solutions
* Create products and services that improve quality of life and environmental stewardship
* Deliver above market growth






* Develop strong, comprehensive strategic plans
* Build effective operating plans to execute
the strategic plan
* Drive toward absolute best-in-class
results to maximize profits, working capital
and cash flow