Colfax Business System

The COLFAX BUSINESS SYSTEM® (CBS) is our unique business-management system. It is a repeatable, teachable process that we use to create superior   value for our customers, shareholders and associates.  Rooted in our five core values, it is our culture.  CBS provides the tools and techniques to ensure that we are continuously improving our ability to meet or exceed customer requirements on a consistent basis. 

Each year, Colfax associates in every business are asked to develop aggressive strategic plans which are based on Voice of the Customer.    In these plans, we are very clear about our market realities, our threats, our risks, our opportunities and most importantly, our vision forward.   Execution and measurement of our plans is very important to us, which is where the process comes in.  Our belief is that when we use the tools of CBS to drive the implementation of these plans, we are able to uniquely provide the customer with the world class quality, delivery, cost and growth they require.  And that performance is what ultimately helps our customers and Colfax grow and win on a sustainable basis.   

Core values at the foundation, key focus on the customer, hard targets and metrics along the way and a very systematic methodology to make sure we can execute and sustain in every Colfax Business over the long haul.  That in a nutshell is CBS.